10 Design Tips for Real Estate Brochures + Presentations

The perfect real estate presentation can help you sell quicker and entice more prospective buyers. It highlights your brand as a real estate agent or company and helps you position yourself in the marketplace.

But what does a stellar real estate brochure or presentation look like? It’s a unique piece of design work, that needs to convey a specific type of information (and still aim to convert a potential sale!)

We’ve got 10 great examples from templates you can download and use with tips for creating a brochure that you’ll keep sharing over and over again.

1. Show Multiple Images

There’s nothing like a great image to showcase a great piece of real estate. Alternatively, poor images can turn off potential buyers even if the property is exceptional.

Design a brochure with one stellar dominant image and room for smaller, secondary images. This can help potential buyers better envision themselves at the property.

Use a mix of interior and exterior photos and focus on clean, open spaces. Avoid images that look small, cluttered, or cramped. Exterior images should be from a day when it is pretty outside as well. A gray day photo won’t set the right scene for sales.

2. Get Into All the Details

Consider a larger booklet or brochure to market and highlight marquee properties. With more heft than a typical brochure, this can help portray exquisite properties in a more exclusive way.

With a brochure, you have more room to focus on property details, both with images and text descriptions. Make the most of whitespace and focus on small elements that showcase the unique parts of the property.

This style is popular for commercial real estate as well as homes that are in the building phase.

3. Use Simple Typography

You want people to be able to get what they want to know from a real estate brochure or presentation quickly and easily. Your best option is clean, simple typography with ample space to design with optimal readability.

You probably only need two typefaces for your brochure or presentation:

Headline or display font that is bold and impactfulBody font for all the details that is highly readable and has a bold or italic option for extra emphasis

4. Make It Feel Special

For a physical brochure, you can make the property feel extra special with design details and great printing. Consider using textured paper, interesting shapes, and folds to make your real estate brochure stand out.

We love the template example here because of its sleek, modern design, square shape that stands out from standard paper sizes, and interesting folds that make people want to interact with it.

There’s plenty of room to showcase the property and make a lasting impact at the same time. This is a more expensive option when it comes to design and printing and might be best for general inquiries rather than specific properties.

5. Emphasize Calls to Action

Don’t forget the call to action!

Every real estate brochure or presentation should have an easy-to-find and understand next step. How does someone learn more? Include all the ways that someone should reach out, including a phone number, email address, website, or other options to see the property.

Consider a design that highlights these elements with a button-style look, bigger text element, or color to help draw the eye to what to do next.

6. Use Color for Emphasis

Bright and bold color choices can help create extra emphasis and bring attention to your real estate brochure or presentation. It can also help associate with your company or brand if you always use the same color.

Color blocks or elements can be great containers for text, headlines, or calls to action.

Bright colors such as orange or red are attention-getting and often aren’t used as home colors, making them a good contrast against photo elements.

7. Think About Multiple Formats and Sizes

You never know who might be looking at your real estate marketing or what type of device they are using. When creating presentations or brochures that can be downloaded or viewed digitally, think about size and formatting for all types of devices.

It is getting more and more common for home shoppers to look at real estate on their phones. This can be especially true in hot markets where homes aren’t staying available for very long.

Design your pieces in a way that works across device types and photos are easy to see, text is easy to read, and calls to action are super clear, no matter where the user is accessing it from.

8. Pair Images and Facts

Think about each page or section in your brochure in terms of pairing an image and a property fact or tidbit. This will help you create a modular design with elements that you can break apart and use across multiple pieces.

These modular elements also make it really easy for users to move through the design and focus on images or information that’s most appealing to them.

This type of structure makes content planning easy too. Once you know how many blocks of content you have to work with, you can prioritize content to maximize your brochure’s or presentation’s impact.

9. Brand It

Don’t forget to brand your real estate marketing for you or your firm. You might feel bored with 10 brochures that look the same but with different content, but your audience won’t be bored. This will help them find and identify real estate that’s associated with you.

10. Keep It Simple

Let great real estate sell itself. You don’t need an overly complex design. Good photos, whitespace, and strong typography are the design trifecta for a brochure or presentation that sells.

Once you start designing, look at your proofs. Is there something you could take away to simplify even more? If so, do it.

A simple design is easier for you to replicate and puts the focus on what you are trying to sell.


A good real estate brochure has to be visually appealing and needs stunning photos to maximize the impact of content. It should also help establish your agency as a leader in the field with strong branding that prospective buyers and sellers will remember.

You can download any of the real estate templates above from Envato Elements to get started with your own real estate brochure or presentation today.

By: Carrie Cousins
Title: 10 Design Tips for Real Estate Brochures + Presentations
Sourced From: designshack.net/articles/inspiration/real-estate-brochure-design-tips/
Published Date: Wed, 03 May 2023 08:00:37 +0000