Provide Your Customers With Accurate Nutrition Data via Edaman’s Nutrition Analysis API

Now more than ever, engaging in a healthy lifestyle is important to people across the planet. But it’s easier said than done. In the past, finding accurate nutrition data simply wasn’t possible. The good news is that there are modern solutions. 

Nowadays, when it comes to generating food recipes with detailed nutritional information, there’s no one you can trust more than Edamam – the leading provider of nutrition data and analytics. Whether you’re a food blogger, restaurateur, or web developer who can make a pretty yummy ratatouille; Edamam’s Nutrition Analysis API can provide you with nutritional facts in under a second! 

So, if you’re looking for an API that is capable of full recipe nutrition analysis and has a robust natural language processing engine that allows entity extraction combined with food database search; you’re in the right place! 

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3 Key Features of Edamam’s Nutrition Analysis API

Full Recipe Nutrition AnalysisText AnalysisStructured Data and Nutrition Data Output

Full Recipe Nutrition Analysis in Less Than a Second!

When users submit the full text of their favorite recipes or any list of ingredients, Edamam’s Nutrition Analysis API extracts the complete nutrition and ingredient data from the text. With its ability to process recipes in under a second, Edamam saves users hours of entering recipes line by line!

Why is this important, you ask? Well, think about it for a moment. If users have hundreds or thousands of recipes to analyze, Edamam’s Nutrition Analysis API can help establish an efficient and productive workflow that uses a fraction of the time as manual entry methods. 


Whether the end-user is a developer using Edamam’s API to submit recipes on behalf of a food blog or food-based e-commerce site or a nonprofit organization that needs accurate health, diet, and allergy labeling; Edamam can help!

Text Analysis

Edamam’s natural language processing engine is robust – not to mention it is incredibly effective. Built with nutrition analysis in mind, this API allows users to extract food-named entities from text with ease. And, it gets better! Edamam also allows combined entity extraction with a food database search to get users the best results possible. Not clear what we mean by that? Let us explain.

In a nutshell, when text is submitted by users and entities are extracted, Edamam searches its database for additional food matches to the extracted entities – leave no stone or scone left unturned! 


Structured Data and Nutrition Data Output

When users input data, Edamam returns detailed information for each ingredient line. For food items such as flour, sesame seeds, eggs, guavas, milk, etc; Edamam returns caloric information as well as data about carbohydrates, protein, sodium levels, etc – reporting a total of 28 macro and micronutrients to users. 

Additionally, all food nutrient data includes diet, allergy, and health labeling that Edamam calculates based on a recipe’s ingredients. Dietary labels such as vegan, paleo, gluten-free and dairy-free are among the 90+ health labels that Edamam can generate automatically. 

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Edamam is an affordable solution for those who need to aggregate large amounts of data on food and nutrition. With accessibility in mind, Edamam provides free recipe nutrition analysis and text analysis with its basic plan geared towards developers, startups, and non-profit organizations. This free-of-charge Developer tier includes food and quantity extraction, as well as the ability to analyze up to 400 recipes per month and submit 10 recipes per minute. However, there are limitations on data caching and reduced text analysis hits compared to Edamam’s Enterprise Core tier. 

For Enterprise Core users, there is a subscription fee of $49 per month, which includes data caching for four nutrients (protein, net carbs, total fat, kcal), the ability to analyze up to 50,000 recipes monthly, and 150 recipe submissions per minute. Want more than that? You got it! Edamam’s Enterprise Core tier even offers 100,000 text analysis hits a month and shopping aisle food labeling. 

Need to take it a step further? Want data caching for more than four nutrients? What about unlimited recipe analysis, text analysis, and recipe submissions? For those who want complete access to all that Edamam offers, the Enterprise Unlimited tier is for you!

The key difference between the Enterprise Core and Enterprise Unlimited plans is that the latter has no restrictions. It is truly unlimited and tailored to the user’s needs. For those who wish to unlock an all-access pass to Edamam – get in touch with their team to customize your API experience. 



No matter which Edamam Nutrition Analysis API plan you select, all users can enjoy the benefits of natural language processing, food and quantity extraction, health, diet, allergy labeling, commercial use, and support from the team at Edamam. So, if you’re looking for a solution to providing accurate nutritional information to your customers, Edamam is the best choice! Access it today from APILayer, a hassle-free API marketplace. 


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