Design Trend: Sticker-Style Icons and Emojis

Website design with a hint of nostalgia. That’s what you get from the latest design trend that makes you think of childhood with sticker-style elements, including icons and emojis, that add a little something extra to projects. This design styleRead More

3 Essential Design Trends, June 2023

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Design Trend: AI-“Models” in Images or Hero Areas

Can you spot AI-inspired imagery when you see it? There’s a trend in website design projects with hero images that feature models who maybe aren’t quite human. But then again, maybe they are. The line between reality and artificially createdRead More

10+ Examples of Web AR Experiences Done Well

Web-based augmented reality is a growing trend in website design that allows users to interact with realistic experiences from desktops or phones in-browser with no additional app required. This technology takes a little bit of everything and often includes HTML5,Read More

50+ Best Responsive Website & App Mockup Templates

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Are Grids Dead? Why Do So Many Websites Seem to Not Have Them?

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20+ Best Art Deco Patterns, Frames, & Backgrounds

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Design Trend: Experimental Typefaces & Fonts

One of the biggest trends in website design is experimental typefaces. These funky, unique, and always special fonts can serve as the backbone of a project or provide a special spark. Experimental typefaces come in a variety of formats fromRead More

The 2023 Guide to Responsive Typography Sizing and Scales

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What Is Modern Web Design in 2023? 20+ Stunning Examples

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