Design Trend: Sticker-Style Icons and Emojis

Website design with a hint of nostalgia. That’s what you get from the latest design trend that makes you think of childhood with sticker-style elements, including icons and emojis, that add a little something extra to projects. This design styleRead More

Design Trend: Blockchain’s Impact on Design and Branding

Sometimes a design trend can start from an unlikely source. Blockchain, a technology designed for secure information transfer, has impacted the online community. From Bitcoin to NFTs to everyday design projects, you can see some of the impact in projectsRead More

Candy Pastels: A Soft and Soothing Graphic Trend

Softer colors, soothing palettes, and a lighter vibe are what the candy pastels design trend is all about. More projects are using this color scheme to create a subtle and softer feel for projects, a distinct shift from many ofRead More

Tropicalism: A Design Trend Coming Back in 2023

Tropicalism is a design trend that we are already seeing quite a bit of in 2023. You’ll know it thanks to bright colors, fun illustrations, and a breezy feel that makes you think of summer (and maybe a cold drink).Read More

All the Tools You Need to Achieve the Vintage Design Style

The vintage look is more than just a design trend, it’s now a coveted style that’s used to produce stunning artwork for all kinds of projects from printed products through to digital web graphics. Mastering the crafts to painstakingly constructRead More